28 June, 2010

Brilliant. Effing Brilliant short film!

02 June, 2010

9,000 year old beer recreated

9,000 year old beer recreated - "9,000 year old beer recreated

Only in British Columbia, pity.

Shooting Underwater

KP Underwater, originally uploaded by MMT1972.

Now that the weather is all nice and warm up here in Toronto, it's time to get back into the water!

I've had underwater gear for a while now, mostly purchased for shooting sharks and turtles and stuff down in the Caribbean back when I could afford to take decent vacations. :-)

Back here in Canada, while there are great wrecks to dive upon, and to shoot, I thought I would try and build a portfolio based on my adoration of Howard Schatz. His body of work is stunning; it helps that he has a heated, covered pool and can shoot year round. Yes, I'm jealous. :-D

It's always a struggle to find swimming pools to use for these type of shoots; the public ones are pretty much off limits for anything creative, and the private ones are usually out in the burbs.

The pool shoot on Saturday was more in the way of a gear / camera test, making sure that things still worked after a couple of years being dry. No floods! Yay!

Look for some more work in this vein over the summer; it's great to be back in the pool.



16 May, 2010

Weekend Photoshoot

K.P., originally uploaded by MMT1972.

An image from the weekend's model portfolio photo-shoot.

The sun refused to come out. :-(

14 May, 2010

Shuttle Atlantis streaks into orbit on final planned flight | The Space Shot - CNET News

*happy / sad*

Soon there shall be no more pickup-truck fire in the sky.

Bring back the Saturns, damnit.


Shuttle Atlantis streaks into orbit on final planned flight | The Space Shot - CNET News: "Atlantis blasted off on its 32nd and final planned mission Friday

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Is this the smartest job application ever? -

Is this the smartest job application ever? - "Money well spent, apparently. Four of the five gave Brownstein job interviews. Two offered him jobs.

12 May, 2010

Bloor St. facelift $4.5M over budget -

Sell it. Use the money for subway extensions.


Bloor St. facelift $4.5M over budget - "half of the overrun – $2.5 million – is pinned on Toronto Hydro

10 May, 2010

Tree down on my street...

Friday night / Saturday morning was a wild and windy time.

A series of thunderstorms roared through town, with the usual results. Thankfully, the tree didn't fall on MY car. :-) I was parked about five spots south of this.

04 May, 2010

Latest attempt at video... April Flickr Meetup

Toronto Flickr Meetup, 28 April 2010 from Mark Turuk on Vimeo.

03 May, 2010

You can never go wrong with waffles... mmmm waffles.

I seem to have a dueling-aromas thing going on with the downstairs neighbors; I don't know what he and his girlfriend were cooking for supper the other night, but I'm pretty sure 'food of the gods' was involved. That being said, I'm pretty sure I've got him beat on the morning shift as the buttery-vanilla goodness of these waffles is impossible to ignore.

About every two weeks or so, I make up a batch, most of which find their way into the freezer. These crisp up nicely in the toaster, so it's a great way to avoid the tastes-like-cardboard Eggo variety.

I use a recipe from BigOven, which involves mixing up most of the ingredients the night before, and letting yeast-ferment on your kitchen counter. The total prep-time is about 5-7 minutes.

If you own a cat, make sure you have cat-proofed your container. This is the most crucial step. Trust me. ;-)

For best results, use maple syrup; none of that flavoured corn-syrup stuff. *shudder*

Mmmm.  Breakfast. (in my defence, most of these are going in the freezer).